On this page, you will find achievements collected in these years of struggle.

Despite the corrupt society. Despite the Demon. May it serve as inspiration for your battles.

Musica dagli Abissi: 3 months of touring throughout Italy, from April to June 2023, creating 19 songs with 22 artists and performing at fans' homes. The songs are compiled in the album "Musica dagli Abissi."

Shared by Montemagno and Just Mick, and some well-known followers.

Shared by Gué, Fabri Fibra, and Achille Lauro of my covers of "Bosseggiando," "Amnesia," and "Scelgo le stelle."

My interview on RTL 102.5.

My song "Kit d'Emergenza" broadcasted on Radio Lombardia and hundreds of other local radios.

The article on the psychology webzine "state of mind" dedicated to my song "Kit d'Emergenza."

My featuring in Pathos' album, where Clavergold is also present.

The Arcade Boyz's reaction to my song "Kami no Kami no Kami."

The post announcing my live performance in Manchester.

Significant numerical milestones on Spotify and YouTube.

My interview with Omega Click.

Some numbers on TikTok.

My live performances opening for Shade and Jesto.

2 million total views on my YouTube channel.

My video "Fare musica in Italia” went viral on Facebook in 2016 surpassing 800,000 views.