Red Sky advocates for a New Artistic Renaissance, placing quality, sensitivity, message, and humanity at the core of art, rather than focusing on numbers and money.

This is the manifesto of its philosophy.

01. Know Yourself
Every human being is born with a vocation, and it is necessary to discover it if one wants to achieve happiness.

02. Become Who You Are
The meaning of life is to follow one's vocation and, in doing so, realize oneself.

03. Slay the Demon
In the mind of every human being resides a demon that tries to prevent their realization by whispering every day to give up. It is essential to kill it before it kills us.

04. Ignite the Sky
Making one's talent known to the world is the duty of every human being: not only to leave a mark of their passage but also to illuminate the path for those who come after.

05. Tame Technology
Technology is a tool that should be used to build one's freedom, not one's slavery.

06. Aim for Eternity
Pursue the glory of eternity, not the vanity of virality.

07. No way like the way, no limit like the limit
In expressing your genius, draw from all the paths available to you, without letting yourself be imprisoned by any of them.

08. Bleed
Art is blood that flows from the cracks of the artist to fill those of their audience.

09. The Weight of the Microphone
The responsibility conferred by having a microphone is immense. Choose your words wisely.

10. Every Human Being is a Creator
Every life represents a unique and unrepeatable work of art. Every individual is both the sculpture and sculptor of their own existence.