This music is not for everyone.

This music is only for sensitive and open-minded individuals who want to stay human and express themselves 100%.

This music is written with blood, for those who battle the demon whispering in our ears every day, telling us we're not enough, that we can't make it, that we should give up.

This music is for those who want to set the sky ablaze.

Start with the playlist next to you; the rest can be found below.

Musica dagli Abissi

Eros / Thanatos

Sadtape Vol.2

Storie di Stelle e di Alieni

Avrò smarrito per sempre la via del ritorno

Sadtape Vol.1

E della felicità chi se ne fotte

Future Music

Cronache di Resistenza


Solo musica a riempirmi gli occhi


Tra l'ombra e l'anima