Like the death of the Sun painting the sky in red becomes inspiration and beauty for those who admire it, so does the suffering of the artist solace and inspire their audience.

It is with blood that songs are written, and this blood, once it escapes the artist's cracks, enters those of the listener to mend them.

The artist's sunset then is the audience’s dawn, and art becomes the red sky that connects these two sorrows.

The artist is not the only one to possess creativity: every human being is born with a gift and is born to fulfill it, becoming the creator of their own life.

Our inner demon unfortunately does everything to prevent us from achieving our dreams, leading us to a crossroads:

• If we manage to kill it, our life will be a masterpiece, and the world will know our name.
• If we don't succeed, we will die, quickly or slowly, day after day.

Red Sky's art is the red sky that inspires people to kill their inner demon and set the sky ablaze with the light of their own vocation.